Paul D. Barclay, Associate Professor, Lafayette College

James Hevia, Professor of History and Director, International Studies, University of Chicago

Eliza Ho, Ph.D. Candidate, The Ohio State University

Leo Ou-fan Lee, Professor of Chinese Literature, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Austin Parks, Graduate Student, History, Northwestern University

Christopher Pinney, Professor of Cultural and Visual Anthropology, University College London

Chris Reed, Associate Professor, The Ohio State University; Chief Editor of the journal Twentieth Century China

William Schaefer, Assistant Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures, University of California, Berkeley

Frances Terpak, Senior Collections Curator (Photography), The Getty Research Institute

Wang Ming-ke, Professor and Director of Chinese Ethnographic Project, Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, Taipei

Wang Peng-hui, Ph.D. Candidate, National Taiwan University

Yeh Wen-hsin, Director, Institute of East Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley; Incoming Director, Institute of Modern Chinese History, Academia Sinica (May 2009)

Zhang Shaoqian, Ph.D. Candidate, Northwestern University


Christopher Bush, Assistant Professor of French, Northwestern University

Peter Carroll, Associate Professor of History, Northwestern University

Dilip Gaonkar, Department of Communication Studies and Director, Center for Global Culture and Communication, Northwestern University

Robert Hariman, Professor of Communication Studies, Northwestern University

Christina H. Kiaer, Associate Professor of Art History, Northwestern University

Kerry Ross, Assistant Professor, DePaul University

Victor Shih, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Northwestern University

Amy Stanley, Assistant Professor of Japanese History, Northwestern University

Brook Ziporyn, Associate Professor, Chinese Religion, Northwestern University


Sarah E. Fraser, Associate Professor of Art History, Northwestern University